MediaMonkey for Windows
Updated by Russell Samuels on 02 March 2020 02:59 AM

MediaMonkey 4.1.27 has been released. It's a minor but strongly recommended update as it fixes artwork / lyrics lookup along with a couple of other bugs related to DLNA casting and FLAC to ALAC conversion.

For details see:

You can download it from:
File Size: 16,245,288B
SHA-256: 3103ddb080c3d8dccb7ae6840b9af2ae86cb9318190d32d48f7514e860bc19be

Debug build is at:
File Size: 19,916,336B
SHA-256:  7b2eaf2e69c3ed6f61ed9a154f53f4231ac087419126c29b93aabc56c3f9ec62

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