MediaMonkey for Windows
Updated by Russell Samuels on Jan 10, 2020

MediaMonkey 4.1.26 has been released. It's a minor update that includes database related fixes and a new certificate. It's only needed for users migrating from iTunes or if MediaMonkey fails to run due to database issues.

For details see:

You can download it from:
File Size: 16,246,528B
SHA-256: d460bab8dcf549fe3d0df01bdb6b2258da77b4cb6901dbd4fdb8f8961e022698

Debug build is at:
File Size: 19,916,552B
SHA-256: b2da896c7e639721884a2a0277fe13e604f62b219cadb21d4c7e06006956778a

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