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USB Mass Storage Devices are not detected by the WMDM plugin
Updated by Pavle Lacarac on 19 January 2019 08:08 PM

When a Portable Device or USB Storage Device is inserted into the PC MediaMonkey will assign it a device plugin. Sometimes MediaMonkey may not assign the d_WMDM.dll (Windows Media Device) device plugin to an connected device, but device is shown and can be accessed using My Computer tree node.

Some devices are recognized as USB Storage Devices so USBMass plugin needs to be used in order to make synchronization to this device. In that case you'll need to:

  1. Download it from the Addons site and install it:
  2. Disable the WMDM version of your device under Tools > Options > Portable Device Sync.
  3. Select the USBMass plugin, click Configure > Options -> Configure Device and use the Find Device option to associate the USBMass plugin with your storage drive.

NOTE: This applies for pre Windows 10 as in Windows 10 this was addressed by reporting every removable storage to d_WMDM.dll plugin which will decide what type of device is connected.

Devices known that are reported as USB Mass Storage under Windows 7 are:

- Sony NW-Axx Device series

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