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Android: Artwork for some tracks is incorrect, duplicated, or missing
Updated by Russell Samuels on Oct 3, 2017

Incorrect artwork: Although MediaMonkey for Android (MMA) will sync artwork with MediaMonkey for Windows (MMW), it is limited to 1 image per album directory. This means that in cases of a compilation album in which all tracks are saved to a single directory e.g. /Music/various artists/Pulp Fiction/ or /Music/various/Top 100 2016/ , all tracks will appear with a single Album Art image even if MMW has a different image for each track. This limitation is planned to be eliminated in a future version of MMA.

Duplicate artwork/albums: MMA will display compilation albums in duplicate if they appear in MMW in duplicate. This will occur in cases where a compilation album (an album with a single Album Artist such as 'various' and multiple 'Artists', such as 'Top 100 2016' or 'Soundtrack from the Movie X') that has a different Album Artist for each track. The solution is to set a common Album Artist for all of the tracks in MMW, and then resync.

Missing artwork: In cases where MMA is missing artwork for some albums entirely, make sure that you're actually syncing the artwork for the problematic tracks. If resyncing fails to solve the problem, delete the tracks in question and resync. 

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