CDs Play, But Error Appears with each New Track
Updated by Russell Samuels on Nov 18, 2009
If CD Playback is working correctly, but you are receiving an error with each new
"ASPI error: 0x80 (Invalid ASPI command)| Sense key: 0x0 0x0 (No additional sense information)"
it may be due to errors from the MediaMonkey 2.5 CD Reader Plugin.

If you're using MediaMonkey 3.x:
1. Close MediaMonkey
2. Delete in_CDReader.dll from C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey\Plugins\

If you're using MediaMonkey 2.5, you can configure the CD Reader plugin to ignore such errors:
1. Go to Tools | Options | Input Plugins
2. Select the 'CD Reader' plug-in and press 'Configure'
3. Select the drive that is causing the problem and press 'Configure'
4. Check the 'Ignore Read Errors' box and press 'OK'
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