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Playback issues after upgrade to Windows 10 1809 (October update)
Updated by Pavle Lacarac on Dec 20, 2018

Several users have reported problems accessing their files and playback of Video and Audio with the Windows October update. In certain cases, it maybe advisable to defer this update.

Microsoft has acknowledged the following issues:

Microsoft (and Apple) has fixed the following issues with the initial October update via subsequent updates:

  • Mapped drives may fail to reconnect after starting and logging onto a Windows device that result grayed tracks in mediamonkey library and inability to play/sync them. This is addressed by the this update.
  • Bluetooth® headsets stops receiving audio input after several minutes of listening. It should be addressed as via this update.
  • Wi-Fi Direct Audio devices SSIDs are filtered out and can't be selected in output plugins. It should be addressed via this update.
  • Some users are prevented from setting Win32 program defaults for MediaMonkey and File type associations using the Open with… command or Settings > Apps > Default apps. It should be addressed via this update.
  • There are iCloud sync issues associated with the update, that caused some MediaMonkey users to lose Album Art images. Apple resolved this with a new release of iCloud software.

The following issue has been reported by several users of the 1809 update, but has not yet been acknowledged by Microsoft:

  • Double-click on any video file in File Explorer Windows can freeze for up to 20 seconds and video playback may end in BLACK Screen while audio is playing in any player that relies on Windows codecs (e.g. Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey, etc.). Initiating playback directly in the application results in an unresponsive mouse and keyboard for about 20s. The only known solution at this time is to downgrade to Windows 1803 and defer the update to 1809.


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