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CTRL+ALT+DELETE isn't Disabled in Party Mode
Updated by Russell Samuels on 05 March 2015 05:01 PM

On Windows 7+, if party mode is enabled, users can exit if they use CONTROL+ALT+DELETE and gain access to other applications. This is due to changes in the security model of Windows 7+, and does not affect Windows XP.

If you wish to prevent users from using that shortcut, you can use the following workaround:

  • Enable a hidden MediaMonkey setting that automatically disables CTRL+ALT+DEL when party mode is active.  This is done by editing the MediaMonkey INI file and adding the following to the [PartyMode] section:


Note: when this feature is active, MediaMonkey makes the following registry changes.  If you experience problems, you can manually disable them.

DisableLockWorkstation = 1
DisableChangePassword = 1
DisableTaskMgr = 1

NoLogoff = 1
NoClose = 1

HideFastUserSwitching = 1

Be aware of the following limitations:

  1. If MediaMonkey is running in portable mode, this workaround will result in registry changes
  2. Using this workaround requires elevation (you may need to sign in with Administrator rights)
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