Does MediaMonkey support DVD/Blu-Ray playback?
Updated by Martin Warning on Feb 16, 2015

MediaMonkey does not support Blu-Ray Playback.


MediaMonkey doesn't natively support DVD Playback, however if your system supports DVD playback it will be supported in MediaMonkey as well. You'll need:

  1. LAV Filters
  2. or MPEG2 codec (should be installed with Windows Vista and up) and AC3 Filter 

This will add basic Playback for DVDs, features like chapters and seekbar are not supported. Many free Codec Packs will include the needed codecs to enable DVD Playback in the various media players including MediaMonkey. The MediaMonkey Codec Pack does not add DVD playback capability to MediaMonkey.


Note that MediaMonkey can't rip DVD/Blu-Ray discs.

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