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Android: playback stutters / fails
Updated by Russell Samuels on Aug 2, 2017

MediaMonkey uses the Android audio engine, and plays any formats that are supported by a device's implementation of the engine (see: ). If your Android device exhibits stuttering/clicks/faulty playback it's most likely due to an issue with your device's support for a particular audio format. You can verify this by playing the same file in the Google Play music.

One such known issue is that Android 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 contain a regression (resolved in Android 4.4.3+) that results in stuttering / faulty playback of some flac files:

To work around such issues you can:
- delete all problematic files from the device
- in MediaMonkey for Windows, in Tools > Options > Portable devices, set flac (or whatever format results in playback problems) as an unsupported format in your device's auto-conversion settings. That way, when syncing, flac tracks will be auto-converted to a format that is supported on the device.

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