Android: Wi-Fi Sync doesn't work at all
Updated by Russell Samuels on Mar 16, 2017

Wi-Fi Sync requires a number of things to work correctly:

  • The client (MediaMonkey for Android (MMA) or MediaMonkey for Windows 8 ((MM8)) must be able to form a UPnP connection over the network with the MediaMonkey for Windows server (MMW).
  • The client must be able to form a Wi-Fi sync connection over UPnP
  • The client must be able to write files being synced to the chosen location


If you're having problems syncing:

  1. Make sure that you're running the latest version of MediaMonkey for Windows 4 and MediaMonkey for Android.

  2. Make sure that MMA/MM8 can connect to and access content on the MediaMonkey for Windows UPnP Server:
    1. Click UPnP/DLNA
    2. Click the MediaMonkey Server
    3. Browse and play content

      If you're able to access the content, but periodically lose the connection, it's likely because of a bug in Android versions prior to 4.2 which results in connection failures in MMA if the Wi-Fi Connection has been toggled numerous times. The solution is to either:
      1. Upgrade your device to Android 4.2 or higher
      2. Restart your device, after which connectivity will work again (for awhile until the number of wifi on/off cycles re-triggers the issue)

        If you're unable to access the content at all, then it implies a network or access control problem.
        See: Failure to connect to the UPnP/DLNA server
  3. If MMA/MM8 can properly access UPnP/DLNA content from the MMA server but can't initiate a sync, it implies a problem with the Sync Profile associated with the MMA/MM8 device:
    1. Verify that the correct sync profile exists, and is active.
      • In MediaMonkey for Windows, go to Options > Portable Device Sync and confirm that there's not more than one sync profile per storage location (normally there should be one profile for the device's internal storage, and a second one for the SD card). If there are duplicates, determine which is the correct profile by comparing which profile has sync settings that match those in MMA, and then delete the duplicates.
      • In MediaMonkey for Windows, go to Options > Portable Device Sync and confirm that the appropriate sync profile(s) are enabled/checked (and unused profiles disabled). For example if you only plan to sync to the SD card, make sure that profile is checked and uncheck the profile for the device's internal memory.
      •  In MediaMonkey for Android, confirm that the sync profile is active. In Options > Sync Settings > Storage location settings > Sync to this location must be enabled.
    2. Verify that MMW allows incoming Wi-Fi Sync connections from MMA / MM8. In MMW, click Tools > Options > Portable devices, double-click the portable device that you wish to sync, and enable 'Grant remote sync / access rights to the [Server Name]

    3. Verify the Wi-Fi Sync is using the same UPnP server that was tested in Step 2. In MMW, verify that [Server Name] described above is the same one that was configured in Step 2), and disable any other DLNA/UPnP servers that are running.

      When you're ready to initiate a Wi-Fi sync, in MMA, click Options > 'Select sync server' (instead of clicking Sync), and make certain that MMA is configured to sync with the Sync Server that you configured above. If MMA is still unable to connect to a sync server:

  4. If MMA can initiate a sync, but cannot write any content, it implies a problem with writing to the device/storage location. See:


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