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Spyware / Anti-virus warning for MediaMonkey
Updated by Russell Samuels on Nov 13, 2014

Every now and then, and anti-virus application generates a warning about MediaMonkey. In all cases, such warnings have been false positives, and were quickly resolved by the Anti-virus vendor. MediaMonkey is certified by third parties such as and Softpedia to be virus free, and with every release it goes through a battery of anti-virus testing.

Some spyware / firewall applications also generate warnings for MediaMonkey. These can take 2 forms:

1) Warning during install / uninstall about MediaMonkey or UninstDP.exe trying to access priveleged resources. This occurs because MediaMonkey must communicate with Windows Explorer to Add / Remove the micro-player to the System Tray.

2) Warning when MediaMonkey is run about MediaMonkey attempting to monitor keystrokes. This occurs because MediaMonkey 3 supports Global Hotkeys, and MediaMonkey must monitor keystrokes even when it is not in focus, in order for Global Hotkeys to work.

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